Notice: Operational Update due to COVID-19

Due to COVID-19, all in-class activities are cancelled till further notice. Please visit class pages for online classes and additional information.

One may also log on to YouTube Premier every Tuesday at 7:30 pm, followed by 1 hour of self-practice.


Satipatthana Meditation Society of Canada

Mindfulness Insight Meditation Classes
for Beginners
Online Correspondence Course
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Free of charge, Donations welcome
2 hours
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Teacher: Sayar Myat
Desire to learn both theory and practice in meditation.
Additional Information
Ability to sit on the floor.


Due to COVID-19, all in-class activities are cancelled till further notice.
This Beginner Class is now delivered in online-correspondence format.  Anyone who is interested in the Beginner Class may register online at anytime.
The practitioner will learn how to bring mindfulness to one’s life through formal sitting and walking as well as everyday activities. Practicing mindfulness can lower stress, increase patience and contentment, and also increase understanding of oneself.
1. Please watch and follow the instructions in the following YouTube videos:
Beginner’s Guide to Mindfulness-Insight Meditation
There are 12 Dhamma Talks by meditation teacher Sayar Myat.  Watch one video per week on a set day and time.
2. After watching the Dhamma Talks, follow with one one-hour meditation practice as instructed.  (You can work your way up to one hour in a gradual manner if you are unable to sit for an hour long.)  Practice daily.
3. Once every two weeks, write a report on your meditation.  Describe your practice and your experience, feeling and sensation during the meditation.  Email the report to, along with any questions you may have.
4. The meditation teacher will review your report and answer your question(s) in a timely manner.
After completing the Beginner Class, please visit
Ways to Deepen your Practice of Mindfulness Insight Meditation (Vipassana)
Watch one Dhamma talk per week and practice following instructions from the talk.
Your interest and effort in learning Mindfulness Insight Meditation is much appreciated.
For more information, please visit
Please contact: if you have any questions.


Other Programs & Retreats

Intermediate Classes

The intermediate class is held weekly on Tuesday evenings and is 2 hours long. It involves a 60 minute meditation time, followed by a dhamma talk (lecture about the practice) followed by a question and answer session. The intermediate class is an ongoing year-round program.


Residential Reteats

A Residential Retreat is usually held once a month, primarily on long weekends, at the Chanmyay Yeiktha Retreat Centre in Hope, BC. Announcements are posted on our “Upcoming Events” page. You may also send us an email to sign up for notifications via email.


Annual Retreats

Annual Retreats are usually held in the summer of each year, these last from 9 to 17 days on average. They are held at the Chanmyay Yeiktha Retreat Centre in Hope, B.C. Pre-registration and acceptance are required for these due to limited accommodation space.