Satipatthana Meditation Society of Canada

Annual Retreats
July 29 (8:00 pm) to August 8 (3 pm), 2023
4:30 am to 10:00 pm
SMSC gratefully accepts donations.
Chanmyay Yeiktha Meditation Cnetre, 19640 Silver Hope Rd, Hope, BC, Canada
Teacher: Sayalay Nana Malini (SMSC’s resident nun)
Completion of the Beginner Class offered by SMSC or prior experience/familiarity in the Pure Vipassana Meditation method (Mahasi tradition).
Additional Infomation
Please bring a sleeping bag, toiletries and modest clothing. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals are provided.


REGISTRATION: Every yogi must complete the Annual Meditation Retreat application Form on the SMSC web-site and get approval. Maximum six yogis. First come, First serve.

MEALS: Provide vegetarian and non-vegetarian breakfast and lunch.

BEDDING: Provide mattress, pillow with case, bedsheet and blanket.

WHAT TO BRING: Loose, modest clothing, towel and toiletries.

CARPOOL: Please let us know if you can give a fellow yogi a car ride. We will arrange carpooling as best we can.

COST: SMSC gratefully accepts donations.


  1. Sign in on Yogi Guest Book upon arrival (July 29, no later than 6:00 pm).

  1. Washrooms: Yogis staying in the Kuti (Kuti shower); Male (annex shower), Female (main building shower); Pick a time and write your name beside it on the form.

  1. Interview schedule: The teacher will assign after arrival.

  2. Always sit at the same seat at meals.

  1. Gather around the food serving area before meals to reflect upon food and express gratitude towards meal donors and volunteers.

  1. Always walk at your chosen location (inside and outside of the building).

  1. Always be seated 2-3 mins before the Dhamma talk and Loving-Kindness chanting, and wait mindfully for the teacher in a sitting posture.


  1. Keeping nine precepts is mandatory.

  2. Maintain noble silence throughout the retreat.

  3. Practice Insight through the Mindfulness method (Mahasi Tradition) only.

  4. All movements and behaviors must be slow at all times.

  5. All yogis sit on the floor with their backs straight.

  6. The teacher will ask anyone who becomes a disturbance to leave.

  7. Deposit all electronic devices with the camp manager.

By order of the SMSC Board of Directors


Time and Activity:

4:30 am Morning wake-up bell

5:00 am Taking 9 Precepts and radiate loving-kindness

6:00 am breakfast (eat mindfully)

7:00 am Walking

8:00 am Sitting

9:00 am Walking

10:00 am Sitting

11:00 am Lunch (eat mindfully)

12:00 Noon Walking

1:00 pm Sitting

2:00 pm Walking

3:00 pm Sitting

4:00 pm Juice break

4:30 pm Walking

5:00 pm Sitting

6:00 pm Walking

7:00 pm Taking 9 Precepts and Dhamma Talk

8:00 pm Walking

9:00 pm Sitting

10:00 pm Self-practice

Please contact: if you have any questions.


Other Programs & Retreats

Residential Retreats

Residential Retreats are offered at the Chanmyay Yeiktha Retreat Centre in Hope, BC. Schedule will be posted on our “Upcoming Events” page. You may also send us an email to sign up for notifications via email.


Beginner Classes

The Mindfulness-Insight Course for Beginners is an introduction to the meditation practice. This class is for both beginners and experienced practitioners that have no previous exposure to the Pure Vipassana Meditation method (Mahasi tradition). The program consists of 12 sessions of online courses, involving guided meditation and lectures about the practice.


Intermediate Classes

The intermediate class is offered as an online course. It involves a 60-minute meditation time, before/after a dhamma talk (lecture about the practice). The intermediate class is an ongoing year-round program; online videos are released bi-weekly on Tuesdays.